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The Indian Wellness Tourism sector is a blend of Modern and Traditional elements.  The country has gained its popularity for the very fact that the traditional practices are used even today. Although we have seen the healthcare sector transform to where it stands today in the country; the traditional practices of ancient therapies still have their own standing.

These therapies have always had an impact on the overall health and wellness of a person. They not only help to take care of any ailments or medical conditions; however, they also bring in a balance in the person’s body. Let us look at some of the most popular forms of alternate medicine and wellness therapies that you will find even today.


Yoga has always been very popular not only in the Eastern world but the West as well. Today, this form of traditional practice has evolved so much that you will find different variants to the traditional form of Yoga. Bungie yoga, Aquaic Yoga, Power Yoga are just a few of the most popular forms that are practiced across the world. These advanced yogic techniques not only help a person to maintain their body, however, focuses on the overall wellness and wellbeing of a person.


India has always been known for its Ayurvedic practices. From the ancient times, Ayurveda has always emphasized on strengthening the person’s body internally. Through this form of ancient therapy, a person’s immune system becomes stronger. It also helps to bring in a balance that is needed for a long and healthy life. Along with that, you can take care of various medical conditions and ailments with the help of natural herbs.

Unani Medicine

Unani Medicine is generally practiced by generations of the same family. It’s treatments and practices are passed down from one member to another. For a person to specialize in this form of alternate medicine; he/she would have to undergo extensive training. This from of alternate therapy helps to balance the four humors of the body. They are the Phlegm (Balgham), Blood (Dam), Yellow bile (Afra) and Black bile (Sauda).


Siddha focuses on the three humors of the body, main equilibrium; they Vaadham, Pittham and Kabam which fall in the ration of 4:2:1 respectively. As per the principles of Siddha, when there is an imbalance in any of these humors, it causes a particular ailment or medical condition. In order to restore the balance of these three elements, you would need to undergo a particular course of treatment based on the condition.


Acupressure and Acupuncture are very similar in nature. The basic concept of Accupressure is to restore the flow of energy through the various pressure points found in the body. These pressure points also help to clear the blockages in the body which restrict the flow of energy.


This from of healing therapy is done with specially designed needles that are pierced on the various pressure points of the body. Just like Acupressure, the main emphasis of Acupuncture is to restore the balance in the flow of energy by stimulating the Meridians or pressure points. Acupuncture helps to cure various medical conditions and ailments and is practiced all over the world.


Known to be one of the oldest concepts of alternate medicine, Spas are built from materials like mud or clay. Today, the Spas are more advanced thanks to the use of new and better technology but still function on the basis of the traditional practices and techniques. Spas combine different types of therapies and healing practices in one session. For example, the use of aroma oils is massaged into the body before you sit down for a sauna session. Or, a good head massage along with a head pack before the steam is given on the head. It can also include


Aromatherapy is an ancient medical practice that uses the different extracts and materials from plants. These extracts are converted into oils and help to treat and cure different conditions and ailments like migraines, body ache reducing stress etc. It is also known for its therapeutic benefits to the skin and helps to reduce the signs of aging, deal with different skin conditions and make you feel and look younger. Aromathrapy also helps to restore the balance in the body. Even a session of just one hour with a blend of massage can revitalize your energy, make your mood better and helps you to relax.


We all know that water has a lot of benefits and through hydrotherapy, we can tackle certain diseases and treat them accordingly. Some of the techniques that are included in a session of Hydrotherapy includes water jets, underwater massage and mineral baths. This form of alternate healing is also beneficial for people who suffer with different types of pains on various parts of the body.


There are different types of massage therapies that help to cure a wide range of medical conditions and ailments. With the help of oils, creams and packs, the massage therapist combines a series of moves and techniques while targeting different parts of the body and muscles. A massage session can range between 30 – 1 hour or more depending on what kind of option you choose. In some massage sessions like the Thai Massage, the therapist will also use the help of certain stretches to relieve the pain and stress in the body.  These stretches are also helpful for people since they tone and relax the muscles, relieve stress and tension as well as make a person feel rejuvinated

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