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Video Conference / Tele services for remote consultation

We provide remote consultation services so that our customers/patients can discuss things at length. Through our video/Tele conferencing services, you can easily speak to a specialists/healthcare professional to understand more about your medical condition, the possibilities of any complications, the relevant cost for your entire treatment, the duration of your stay etc.

Customized assistance and guidance

In order to help you finalize your travel itinerary, will give you all the necessary guidance and support that you need based on your requirements. Any suggestions made will be done only after reviewing your clinical reports or details.

Assistance with Travel and Visa Arrangements and Documentations

Our team will give you all the assistance you need to make your travel arrangements. We will also help you in completing the necessary visa formalities so that you can plan your Indian holiday. Once everything has been confirmed, you will get all the necessary information and details to your mail ID. This will also include the visa invitation letter along with the information about your treatment, passport details, duration of stay etc.

Visa Information and requirements

We at Think Medical Tourism will take care of the necessary arrangements to ensure that you get your medical visa so that you can travel to India. From the paperwork to organizing the interview and handing over any and all documents needed, everything will be done on time so that you can travel to India for your treatment. For the medical visa, the following requirements are needed

  • Valid Passport

    A valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months or more

  • Photo

    Photo copies of the passport and two Passport sized photographs

  • Visa Application

    Visa Application form with all the necessary detailed filled

  • Information

    Information about the companion/relative travelling with you

  • Healthcare Records

    Necessary healthcare records and recommendations on the letterhead of the healthcare provider

Airport Transfers

We will provide a special relationship executive during your stay in India. He/she will be responsible to receive you in the airport, take care of all the arrangements while you are in India. In case of any concerns, queries, changes, special needs etc. you can get in touch with him/her so that things can be organized accordingly

Scheduling the necessary appointments and consultations

Post your arrival in India, we at Think Medical Tourism will also take care of all the arrangements needed for your appointment and consultations. We will connect you with the concerned specialist for any further investigation or test.

Admission and Registrations

Our team of experts will help you with all the necessary process and registration nedded at the time of admission. Post the treatment, we will also ensure that the discharge process from the hospital is done systematically and quickly. All efforts will be put to ensure that you get the necessary arrangments, facilities and services that is needed for you to recover properly.

Translator Services

For those who require a language assistant or translator, we will help you with that as well. This way, you can be rest assured that all the necessary facts are communicated effectively and efficiently. Our translators/interpreters are well versed with various international languages like Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese etc.

Organizing local sight-seeing tours

Post your treatment, we will also organize a local sight-seeing tour for you and your relatives if you have requested for it. Our tour guide will be with you throughout your trip and will take care of your comfort and wellbeing in every way. He/She will also take you around if you want to shop, get to know more about our culture or just visit some of the popular places within or outside the city.

Customized Services

Our services are customized based on the patient’s needs. This helps us to provide quality services to our clients. We will make sure that your stay in India will be comfortable and ensure that all the arrangements are made according to your needs.

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