General Surgeries

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Vericose veins

Varicose veins occur when valves in veins do not work as they should. When varicose veins become large and swollen, they might have to be extracted surgically. Apart from surgery, other treatments like Laser treatment, Ligation and Stripping, Sclerotherapy, Radiofrequency Ablation, Endovenous Laser Treatment and Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy are also used to treat varicose veins.

Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid surgery is done if doctors find a lump on the thyroid gland, or if thyroid cancer is diagnosed which needs to be removed. Partial thyroidectomy is done to remove a part of thyroid, thyroid lobectomy is done to remove half of the thyroid, and total thyroidectomy is performed to remove all or almost the entire thyroid.

Breast biopsy Core

This procedure is done when the doctor feels or views a lump in the breast (through imaging test). A special, hollow needle is inserted into the lump and small breast tissue samples are taken from the lump. The sample is then sent to the laboratory to test for cancer.

Breast Biopsy Lumpectomy/open

The surgeon makes an incision in the suspected area in the breast and removes breast tissue for testing, and is known as Open Breast biopsy. Lumpectomy is done as treatment when breast cancer is diagnoses and the target is to remove all the cancerous lumps in the breast.

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