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Medical Tourism

Our medical tourism services give you an opportunity to meet with the best doctors and healthcare providers that India has to offer. We take care of all your needs and also make the necessary arrangements so that you have a memorable Indian holiday. We at Think Medical Tourism will take care of all the necessary formalities in order for you to come down to India for your treatment. Our medical tourism services is not only for an individual but also for his/her family.

Wellness Tourism

Apart from your health, your overall wellness is our top-priority. Our company has partnered with some of the best and renowned wellness centers and resorts who have trained wellness professionals. These professionals offer a wide range of treatment and therapies that will help bring the much needed balance in your life. We offer customized wellness centric packages to suit your needs

Dental Tourism

We all know the importance of proper oral health, this is why we at Think Medical Tourism offer special facilities for people looking for dental treatments. Our dental tourism services gives you the flexibly and choice to travel to India to avail any kind of dental treatment or procedure. From cosmetic to medical procedures; we provide a wide range of services for our clients. From simple cosmetic to complex treatments and services, we have a wide range of Dental tourism related services.

Who are we

Think Medical Tourism is a company that bridges the gap between patients and healthcare service providers. Our customized services and facilities cater to the various needs of patients who want to opt for top-notch healthcare services at economical rates. We give medical tourists a platform wherein they can choose the right medical treatment or service. Our company also helps you plan your Indian holiday keeping your comfort and health in mind.

Why choose us?

We believe in offering the best to our clients and want to ensure that they get the right guidance needed for the betterment of their health and wellness. Our team consists of professionals who have been in the health and wellness industry for a very long time. They are not only well-versed with all the changes happening within the industry but also understand the importance of getting the right guidance and support.


Online consultation

Our online consultation services save you the time and energy. You can easily get in touch with our experts at any point of time and they will be happy to help you out.

Trip planning

Our travel experts will give you the necessary support you need so that you can plan your trip accordingly to avail your medical treatment and take a vacation also.

Accommodation and Rental services

Whether it is a short term or a long term need; we will make all the necessary stay arraignments for you while you are in India.

Video conferencing services

We offer video conferencing services for patients who want to speak to our medical expert, This helps to make an informed decision as well as takes care of any concerns and doubts that one may have.

Visa arrangement

With our visa arrangement services takes off the load and tension of running around for a visa. We will take care of all the formalities and ensure that your visa comes on time.

Sightseeing and city tours

With our special sightseeing and city tours, our tour guide will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the city you are visiting. We will also take care of any special arrangements or requests that you make.

Health Check Ups

ThinkMedicalTourism believes in preventive care.It has been advised to do annual check up once you turn 40.To facilitate the same we have  tie ups with leading Hospitals for Health Check Ups.We offer following Check Ups

Lipid Test
Full Body Check Up

Common Eye Surgeries


A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye which leads to a  decrease in vision. Cataracts often develop slowly and can affect one or both eyes Symptoms may include faded colors, blurry vision, halos around light, trouble with bright lights, and trouble seeing at night. This may result in trouble driving, reading, or recognizing faces. Poor vision caused by cataracts may also result in an increased risk of falling and depression. Cataracts cause half of all cases of blindness and 33% of visual impairment worldwide.


Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases which result in damage to the optic nerve and vision loss. The most common type is open-angle glaucoma with less common types including closed-angle glaucoma and normal-tension glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma develops slowly over time and there is no pain.   Peripheral Vision may begin to decrease followed by central vision resulting in blindness if not treated

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